Download GTA 3 APK + OBB Data For Android 2020

This is one of the famous games also known as grand theft auto 3 which is quite influential and is a critically acclaimed blockbuster of the GTA 1 and 2. The critically acclaimed blockbuster is available in mobile devices that are bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of the liberty city. The following brings on with a massive and diverse open world with a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and then the freedom to explore it. The GTA 3 Apk is going to put the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your finger tips.

The following moves on with stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, stunning soundtrack, and the revolutionary open-world gameplay. This game defined the open world genre for the generation. Must read, cartoon hd apk for android.

GTA 3 APK + OBB Data For Android Free Download

The game is available officially for Windows, Xbox and play station. At the same time, it is made possible to play also on android devices as well as on smartphones. For the reason, you need to download GTA 3 Apk & Obb from here. This needs to be done on version 4.0 +, and APK files an OBB data file that is provided.

Apart from that, it is also available with high graphics resolutions for PC and play stations. But it is not possible to download and play it on the android officially. For enjoying the game on android it is necessary to download the modded game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Description

The GTA 3 apk file size varies with 21 MB+2.2 GB (OBB file) with total downloads of 1M+ and this runs on the android 4.0+ version with the app version of v1.09. What makes the reason is without the OBB file you won’t be able to play the GTA III APK on the android phone. Other than that you don’t need to root your device for making it able to play the game.

In this, you are sharing the download the links for both APK as well as OBB also. You can also both the files by just a click on each button. If in case you are facing any problem in downloading or download links do not work. What you need to do is just click on the download button below and start downloading which will automatically get completed within a few seconds. Do make sure that you have downloaded OBB file at the same time. Also check, towelroot apk v5 for android.

Requirements for playing GTA III

Even though there is no special requirement for playing GTA III on android still there are some things mentioned that you need to keep ready before installing the game on your phone. The game contains high graphics and that is not easy to play on low performing devices. For that, you need a smartphone.

  • Android phone with running version 4.0 or more
  • GTA III APK File.
  • GTA 3 OBB data file
  • Android devise which must have at least of 2GB Ram

These are just the requirements that are a part to play the game on your phone. So after confirming these, you can start the game with its installation.

GTA 3 Features

The game features with

  • Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models.
  • HD quality resolution.
  • Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices.
  • Custom controls for the mobile platform.
  • Countless hours of gameplay.
  • Gamepad support for select USB controllers.
  • Integrated with immersion haptic vibration feedback.
  • You can tailor your visual experience with the new video display settings.
  • This supports languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Install GTA 3 APK For Android

Before moving to the downloading there is a requirement to know the process of installation to play the GTA 3 on android. So you just need to click below on the download button and then download all the GTA 3 required files on the phone. After that, you can proceed for the steps to install the GTA III on android.

  1. At first download all the GTA 3 APK from the download link.
  2. Install the downloaded APK file and then you will get the download folder.
  3. After the installation of GTA 3 APK to the device don’t open it. You will need to download the OBB Data file then only you can play the GTA III on your smart phone.
  4. Download OBB file from the section and extract it in the game folder.
  5. Finally you can now open the GTA 3 APK to enjoy the game on android phone.

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For optimum performance, it is recommended for rebooting the device after downloading and closing other applications when you are playing the grand theft auto iii. This comes with stellar voice acting, darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack, and quite a revolutionary open-world gameplay.

Best Movies Streaming Sites 2020 (Free & Paid)

Of course, we have got those days no more, wherein we had to depend on those TV boxes and cable operators to provide us with the best cable connection service and the network connectivity though. However, those old days of watching the favourite movies and series over television are all gone, and it’s time we go for the internet support and just watch all our favourite ones just with all we have got! Yes, and hence to serve better there are many such movies to watch online free that too without causing any kind of interruption for sure.

Yes, it’s so true that we have got some best websites and apps that will let us watch our favourite shows and movies online and surely without any kind of interruption as well. Hence, we are here to help you with the best of the sites that will simply allow you to watch all your favourite shows for pretty free and of course, without any disruption for sure. You, surely have to look for various other stuff such as the internet that will keep you stay connected with all your favourite channels and the shows for sure.

Best & Free Movie Streaming Websites 2020

Well, with these websites and apps you don’t even have to go and miss out your office schedules or college timings, you can just watch the series or even your heart favourite show from nearly anywhere and everywhere, just make sure that you got to have a stable internet connection though. However, to let you know, here we have got some of the best and trending sites that will let you watch the TV series and movies. For information, Movies, shows, sports almost all your TV channels for totally free. Must download cartoon hd apk for android to stream cartoons & animes.

Therefore, you just got to check out these extremely popular sites and the best list of websites using which you can watch shows and series for sure-

1. Tubi Tv

I think, most of you might have already heard about this wonderful app or the website that will just let you watch your movies and favourite shows and the series without any kind of interruption or trouble for sure. Tubi TV just simply allows you with movies to watch online free, causing you no trouble at all. It has got tons of movies and series just free! Of course, you don’t even have to create an account with regards to operating or using it!

2. Popcorn Flix

So, it’s the recently famous sites that will just let you watch all your favourite shows and the series just being online with a great internet connection. This website has got to give you great streaming hours of movies and series and of course all your TV series for sure. This site also offers genres such as drama, action, comedy, horror, and a lot of other genres. You can also avail for various newly released movies as well.

3. Yahoo View

It is one of the websites that would let you with movies to watch online free without any interruption for sure. It has got some great movies to offer, even along with the movies and TV shows for sure. This site sure has got some great TV series to show you, even the new or the recently released one for sure.

4. Retrovision

If you are looking out to watch some great and classic TV shows, then well you have here got Retrovision to help you with the same. Of course, you got to view and check for all the videos and the shows that you always wanted to watch ever after its release. However, this particular website has got some classy shows that you can simply watch regardless of anything. Also check out, towelroot apk for android.

5. Yidio

Yidio is another popular app that is still in the trend for when it comes to watching TV series, movies and even sports too. You really don’t have to struggle for watching your favorite movies on your favorite channels as such. The app is again free to download and use. No need for any kind of subscription to be paid to use the app. It is just that simple to function and use.

6. YouTube

Well, YouTube is the best site that is for free, and you can watch all the movies and the series that you can watch for free. Well, yes, there are many movies to watch online freewith almost all types of contents and the series for sure. Well, you know how YouTube is, there would be no content where you will not find it over there, and yes, you will get almost everything on it. It is actually the treasure that will keep you connected with entertainment.

7. Vudu Movies

You have just got this right for sure. However, Vudu movies are just pretty and it plays and gives you a whole lot of movies and the contents that would be completely great and be as per your expectations though. Vudu Movies is just the best site that you can watch movies for totally free and without any interruptions as well. However, it is important that you should be having a strong and a stable internet connection to watch movies and of course the other contents online.

8. Snagfilms

If you are looking for some other alternative than the mentioned ones, then yes, Snagfilms are all free and effective wherein you don’t have to worry about paying any fees or charges for sure. It is just the best that you can and will find some great movie contents and of course the series contents as well. It is actually known as the best Netflix alternative that gives you contents for completely free and wherein you get many contents for sure.


Well, here we have got some of the pretty and well-known sites that will allow you for movies to watch online free. The websites are free and have easy navigation and interface to use it at ease. Well, you can look for these websites and watch all your best and favorite contents for sure..

Cartoon HD APK Download For Android (V5.0.18)

As per the current trends, people are always showing their interest in watching movies, TV shows, cartoons and more. Well, entertainment is playing a crucial role among the general people where everybody used to experience after loads of work. If you are a moviegoer, then you can find a lot of applications which will offer to watch HD movies and TV shows. For those people, Cartoon HD Apk is the best choice to utilize. By using this amazing application, you can find an unlimited number of movies and TV shows. 

The best thing about this application is you can watch the movies and TV shows at free of cost. Also, it will offer lots of features to experience. It is an important reason where millions of people are looking for this application to access on their devices. When it comes to download and install this application on your Android device, then you need to know that this application is not available in PlayStore. Also download, Towelroot APK.

Download Cartoon HD APK V5.0.18 For Android 2019

To download and install this cartoon HD Apk application, you need to visit the trusted sources and download it. All you need to do is changing the settings on your device to allow this application. By installing this application, you can find different categories to watch. 

Features of Cartoon HD Apk 

If you want to download and install Cartoon HD Apk on your Android device, then get to know some of the features of this app. By knowing the features, you will get aware of this application before starting to use. The features mentioned here will be helpful for all people to experience.

The application is always offering the fresh contents to the users where you can experience the regular updates

If you see this latest version, it has the option like an offline watching option. Yes, it allows the users to save or download the videos and start to watch it offline

Cartoon HD Apk will offer all the stuff available for free

Also, it is easy for the users to access the simple user interface 

Without any restrictions, you can watch the full movies that whenever you want.

These are some of the exciting features to know before installing this app on your Android device. For information, the application can be installed on a PC for wider screen experience as well. 

How to download and install Cartoon HD Apk 

Looking for download and install Cartoon HD Apk on your Android device? Then you need to visit the sites which are out of the PlayStore. Here we are providing the steps to follow for downloading and install this app on your Android device. Make sure to check all the given steps mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, you should search for cartoon HD Apk across the internet that is instead of visiting the PlayStore. 
  • If the respective latest version of Cartoon HD Apk file is found, then you need to click the file to download and wait for few seconds. 
  • Simultaneously, you should visit the Android settings and tap the security for enabling the Unknown sources. 
  • After enabling the unknown sources, you can easily install Cartoon HD Apk on your Android device. 
  • Now, search for downloaded Apk file on downloads folder and tap to install for further process. 
  • You should wait for a few seconds up to the installation process is done. 
  • After the installation process, get back to the device home screen and tap on the Cartoon HD Apk icon to enter. 
  • Finally, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons and more. 


By installing this application on your Android device, you can watch any videos in HD. By installing an Android emulator on PC, you can access this application for wider screen experience.  

Towelroot APK V4 Download For Android

You can find this version of Towel Root and get your device rooted in no time. The Towel Root v4 is presently the best alternative over any root app. Many people trust the Towel Root apps and there are continuous arrivals of updates that are making the app more and more dependable and good each day. Some of the features of the Towel Root app are-

• It is one of the best ways to use the device.

• The layout is a user-interface.

• It is the one-click root app.

• You don’t need a computer to root the apps on your phone. The Towel Root automatically roots to your device if you download and install it without the need of the computer.

• If you want to un-root your mobile you just have to click once to initiate it.

The way to download the Towel Root v4


• You have to go to the settings and change it to allow the unknown sources to be downloaded and installed in your device. This will allow the process of Towel Root v4 installation.

• You can find the apk file of Towel Root v4 in the official sites of Towel Root or you can find the links on the internet which will guide you to the apps download file.

• You have to wait for some time for the application to display.

• Open up the application on the Android device.

  • Now start installing the app

.C:\Users\chitra\Downloads\towelroot v4.png

• You will get a confirmation message the sign that the app is ready to be rooted.

• You have to click yes to the confirmation.

• Now the mobile is rooted in the device. The device means any Android mobile that you may have. The Towel Root has the ability to root with any android mobiles and versions. This is the key aspect of the app Towel Root.


Why download the app for your Android phone?

A lot of android users use the root apps to get full access to the functions in the system. You can effectively delete the apps and other unwanted things in the system if you have rooted the phone with the root app. There are also many other advantages as well! Your phone will be much improved than before because it will perform very quickly. These are some of the benefits of having a root app on the mobile.

• You can run specialized apps in the device if your device is rooted to Towel Root v4.

• You will be able to clear all the system data in your mobile if it is rooted to a root app like Towel Root.

• You can create custom ROMs that will improve the efficacy of the device. The phone will function properly with the assistance given by the root app.

• Root the device without the help of the computer. The Towel Root is not available in the Google play store but you can download it from the internet from the official website.

Download the new version of the Towel Root v4 and root your device to this excellent app.

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